Interview: Wild Front

We had a chat with Jack Williams, lead singer of Isle of Wight Festival favourites and Solo signees Wild Front, ahead of their show at The Blacksheep Bar on the Isle of Wight this Thursday… 

Hi Jack! In your own words, go ahead and tell everyone about the band and how it came about.

It started out as a folk project I guess. I met the boys in college when I was a solo act and they started playing for me. It just gradually morphed into something a bit more dreamy and heavy so we decided to change things up and make it our thing rather than my thing.

If you and the guys had one sentence to immediately catch someone’s attention describing your band, what would it be?
Experimental and dreamy are usually our go to words to try and sum it up!
‘New Music Friday’ is a playlist on Spotify that is a massive help for upcoming artists to establish themselves on. Having been on that yourselves, how big of a deal is it for a new/established artist?
Spotify have been so incredible with us. We’ve been on that one twice now and what it’s done for our streams and exposure has been one of the best things for us as a band for sure.
Booking agencies help a lot with getting the gig, but most importantly the right gigs. How would you say Solo Music Agency have helped since they took you under their wing and can you compare this to beforehand when you were more independent?

Complete game changer. Like our management, they took us on and put their belief in us so early on and it’s just given us a fire to really make it work. Seeing how much other people believe in you when you’ve been playing dead shows for 5 years to 3 people is the best motivation to work harder which is ultimately the thing that’s going to get you places I think.

How important nowadays are singles to bands? 

I think every band has their own way of doing it really and it’s about finding a way that works for you. We’ve decided to put a single out a month because we write so much and want people to hear it!

Who would you say your biggest influence is and why?

We all bring fairly different influences and genres to the table. I think an artist we all collectively are inspired by, although we sound nothing like him, is Bon Iver. A true musical master if ever there was one.

Finally, a year is a very long time, what do you hope to achieve over these next 12 months?
We want to be touring and releasing as much as we can. That’s all we could ask for really. Playing shows and putting out music is just the life long dream.
Tickets for Wild Front’s show at the Blacksheep Bar in Ryde this Thursday (7th September) can be purchased here: Support on the night comes from Confed. Fred and Coyote Jungle.