Nakamarra ‘ZACAPA’ EP Review

Ever since their performance on the Platform One Stage at the Isle of Wight Festival this year, indie-electronic five-piece Nakamarra have really been making a name for themselves on the local scene.

The Isle of Wight group have also performed twice at the prestigious Joiners venue in Southampton, supporting Island and Anteros.

I was given exclusive early access to their upcoming EP ZACAPA to give my thoughts on it. Now I don’t claim to be a music critic, but their infectious tunes meant I couldn’t resist having a go.

Track 1: Little Bit

The opening track of the EP is what you’d expect of most EP’s nowadays- an introduction to what the band is all about, but, perhaps, stripped back a little. This does exactly that while introducing us to lead singer Charlie Jones’ confident and edgy voice. It’s quite refreshing to actually be able to understand all the lyrics as well, something other bands out there should be taking note of.

Track 2: Back II Front

For me, this is the stand-out track of the EP. It’s certainly one I could easily imagine hearing on the radio and the guitars in this one really convince me that the likes of Foals inspire their music. There’s also a very interesting sound in there, you’ll be able to hear it just under 2 and a half minutes in actually, that I don’t really know how to describe, but one that really gives the track an anthem-like feel.

Track 3: Double Shot Scotch

Anyone could easily be forgiven if they thought Double Shot Scotch was going to be a country song as that is what the first 30 seconds sounded like… but it’s so much better than that. This one got me weirdly reminiscing of Muse at some points, particularly at the guitar breaks in the chorus, and I feel that the array of different sounds in their songs is a real testament to their unpredictability.

Track 4: Porcupine

This one was the band’s first single which was released earlier in the year, so nothing new, but it still manages to fit in with the flow of the rest of the EP. Once again, this is another example of the band taking a confident approach to songwriting and one that really cements the band as a threat on the national scene. The guitar solo at 3 minutes in really shows off their instrumental talents and, hopefully, shows how the band mean to go on in 2017.

Make sure you head to the Quay Arts, Newport, this Friday night (2nd December) for Nakamarra’s EP launch party. Tickets are £5 and there will be support on the night from Southampton electronic duo UHURU and singer-songwriter Ever. More details can be found on the official Facebook event page here.