Saturday Night Headliner Predictions

It takes just a quick hop over to the Official Isle of Wight Festival Facebook page to see that everyone is eagerly anticipating the announcement of the Saturday night headliner, so, in the meantime, we thought we’d give you a quick rundown of who it could be.

I do, however, think it’s worth ruling a few names out. Let’s start with knocking Muse, Coldplay, BeyoncĂ© and Rihanna all off that list; it’s not any of them.

After announcing a UK tour for this summer, a few of you suggested that Bruce Springsteen could be taking the final headline slot, but, with Queen of a similar legendary status headlining the Sunday, I really just can’t see this happening. It has also been suggested that the final headliner is ‘current’, which not only rules out Springsteen, but also rules out the likes Guns ‘N’ Roses, ACDC and I wouldn’t have The Libertines and Massive Attack down as ‘current’ either.

Fast-forward a decade or two and we have artists like Florence + the Machine and Adele. Adele is bookies’ favourite to be announced for Glastonbury, as an exclusive, and, if Florence is announced, then that will mean that 3 out of the 4 headliners have played before, so I also don’t think it’s her. We’ve also been informed that Florence is in the US over the Festival weekend, which confirms that it won’t be her.

Our money’s on Mumford & Sons. Similarly to Florence and Massive Attack, they will be headlining Hyde Park this summer and, with previous headline performances at Glastonbury and Reading, I think they are most likely to take the slot. Interestingly, they were not announced as UK festival exclusives for BST Hyde Park and, with a number 1 album just last year, they certainly fit the ‘current’ criteria.

Blur, last year’s Saturday headliners, were announced on 27th March last year, so I think we could be looking at around then for this year’s announcement. Stay tuned!

*EDIT* Following our release of this article, festival organiser John Giddings shared it to his Facebook page with the caption, “Good try, but not warm, sorry!!”. It looks like it won’t be Mumford & Sons, the guessing game continues…