Welcome to the Isle of Wight Festival Fansite blog!

As part of our third birthday celebrations, we decided it was time to expand the fansite so that it could be accessed by more people. We decided the best way to do this was creating this blog where people without social media accounts could keep up-to-date with the latest happenings of the Isle of Wight Festival.

You will see on this blog, as well as regular updates, there is a dedicated ‘Rumours’ page which will begin to include lineup rumours for the festival next year. We will ask you guys to help us with that as well- if you have any rumours, please tell us! There is also a ‘Gallery’ which includes pictures from previous festivals and ‘Interviews’ page which has links to all those ‘5 question’ tests we were doing with bands before this year’s festival.

Of course, we will still keep you up-to-date on the social media platforms, this isn’t a replacement for those! If you have any suggestions for this blog, please feel free to tell us!

Thanks everyone for all of your continued support!
Luke Joynes, Isle of Wight Festival Fansite

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